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  • ALSO KNOWN AS KRACHAI DUM OR BLACK GINSENG ? A unique variant of ginger found only in Thailand, black ginger has been part of Thai cuisine and herbal elixir for over 1,000 years. All that time it remained hidden from the world ? but now, you can enjoy its benefits.
  • MUSCLE ENDURANCE ? Black ginger is used as a tonic by Muay Thai fighters, who are some of the world?s toughest athletes. It’s known to support physical performance and muscular endurance by improving energy metabolism.
  • SEXUAL WELLNESS & VITALITY ? A natural libido booster for both men and women. Black Ginger may help you cope with fatigue and maximize muscle recovery, enhancing sexual arousal and performance naturally.
  • MIX IT WITH YOUR FAVORITE DRINKS ? Black Ginger Powder can be enjoyed so many ways. Mix 1/8 of a teaspoon into 3oz. of warm water, with honey, sugar, or lemon juice as a health shot. Or add it to your smoothies, juices, coffee, cocktails, and desserts. Use just a pinch in 1 serving! You won?t need much.
  • 100% PURITY ? Made with no added sugar, additives, or flavorings. Tested zero for heavy metals, contaminants, and chemicals. Enjoy the pure unadulterated goodness of this unique Ayurvedic herb from Thailand.
  • GROWN IN THAILAND ? Having harvested black ginger for centuries, the Thais are experts at grading its quality. We use only the highest grades of black ginger, identified by the reddish edges and pink undersides of its leaves, and the pinkish inside of its rhizomes.
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