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  • High Potency Complex: Organic Bitter Melon Extract Capsules contain a high equivalent potency of equivalent to 9500mg powder per capsule, a perfect combination of multi-premium ingredients with an exceptionally strong formula.
  • Strong combination of 6 highly concentrated herbal ingredients: Bitter Melon powder 7500mg (from pure concentrated form Bitter Melon extract 25:1), Neem powder 500mg, Fenugreek powder 500mg, Turmeric powder 500 mg, Garlic powder 250 mg, Papaya powder 250mg (all from 10:1 concentrate) for enhancing absorption, bringing you overall benefits and an energetic fresh life.
  • Our product comes with 90 capsules bottle. This complex herbal supplement is the optimized solution with super strength, just 1 vegetarian capsule per servings a day delivers the highest amount with superior potency, for 3 months supply.
  • Guarantee: Our dietary supplement products are produced in GMP, ISO-certified manufacturing facilities. All our supplements are tested by a third-party independent laboratory to ensure the best quality products.
  • The extracted active ingredients are manufactured by super-concentrated methods. We would like to distribute this nutrient-dense gift from nature to humans in the most honest way. Free Refund in case unsatisfactory.
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